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Backlight Bleed is a real problem with a lot of modern screens. If you just bought a new screen and you want to test it for Backlight Bleed, you can use this Backlight Bleeding Test for it.

🤔 What is Backlight Bleed?

A monitor uses a panel with pixels and some light that shines on them from behind, so that you can see those pixels. In some cases, this light can shine through the edges of a screen, causingBacklight Bleed. You can read the full article here.

🧐 How to detect Backlight Bleeding?

By using this veryBacklight Bleeding Test!Make your roomas dark as possible, crank the Brightness of your screen up to the maximum and hit thatSTART TEST button and check if you experience any Backlight Bleed. Here are some example images🖥️ of Backlight Bleeding on Google.

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