What is Backlight Bleed and how it CAN be fixed?

The term "backlight bleed" refers to the effect of light entering from LCD screens corners and edges.


LCD screens are still widely used on televisions and computers. It's possible that they'll have backlight bleeding, which is a frustrating issue. This issue is known to occur when the borders of a display don't completely block out light.

This issue can be fixed in some cases, but not in others. When a monitor is brand new, this irregularity is more likely to occur than if it has been used for a long time. Backlight leakage is most common on vertical alignment (VA) displays, but it can occur on any LCD type.

Compared to IPS (in-plane switching) and TN (twisted nematic) screens, this LCD type has the best contrast and visual dimension. The liquid crystals in a VA display remain perpendicular to the surface in the absence of electricity, resulting in a dark screen when the polarizers are crossed. Voltage, on the other hand, causes the liquid crystals to tilt, allowing light to pass through and creating a grayscale display that is dependent on the angle of tilt.

Backlight Bleed - What is it?

LCDs are the only devices affected by this issue. LEDs are now a standard feature on the back of almost every contemporary display. It is used as a lighting source. Consequently, when the panel is plugged into a power source and lit, the image is seen on the screen.

It's not normal for backlight bleed to occur when the light that was meant to shine through a black panel escapes around its borders and the LCD and detectors on the backside of the display fail to properly hide the light.

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The Cause of Backlight Bleed on Monitors and Televisions

Backlight leakage occurs when the layers that make up the screen of the monitor or TV fall out of alignment. Components emitting light might be displaced as a result when pressure builds up within the display. Backlight leakage occurs as a result of this alignment error.

Avoiding Backlight Bleed When Purchasing a New Monitor

Look for concerns regarding backlight bleeding in LCD display reviews before making a purchase decision. If feasible, attempt to see a display model or two while making purchases from a company that will let you replace the display if there are any severe issues with it. Additionally, you should steer clear of LCD displays from companies that have a history of poor-quality control since they are more susceptible to display errors, such as backlight leakage.

The odds of getting an LCD with no bleeding are still low, but this will give you a better chance of getting one that does not.

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As a result, this problem is more likely to occur with lower-priced displays, which have a lower quality screen and separate layers.

Fixing Backlight Bleeding: What You Need to Know

The backlight bleeding issue may be solved and avoided by doing the following:

  • - Use electrical tape to detach the monitor panel from the screen and tape the screen's borders.
  • - Using a screwdriver, gently remove the screws holding your computer monitor's back plate together.
  • - Softly touch the regions of LCD backlight clouding that are leaking onto your computer monitor's screen.
  • - When backlight leakage isn't apparent, lower the light level until it is.
  • - The display frame may be twisted somewhat.
  • - If your display supports local dimming, do so.

When attempting to remedy your monitor's backlight bleeding issues, check to see if they are covered by the product warranty. Don't try to fix it yourself if you have a guarantee, since doing so might cancel it.

Make certain that your display is turned off and not heated before attempting to fix this critical issue. To cool it down, leave it alone. You'll need to have some electrical tape, a screwdriver, and a microfibre rag to fix the backlight bleed.

Using an App to Conduct a Full Backlight Bleed Test

Certain tools have been developed to analyse your monitor's display and evaluate whether or not there is excessive backlight bleed.

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One of those tools is this very website. To conduct a full Backlight Bleed Test, simply click the button below!

What else to do in situations of backlight bleeding?

If you discover this issue while the monitor is still covered by its warranty, you're in luck. The manufacturer may either replace it or repair it for you, depending on your preference. It's important that you thoroughly examine the policies to see whether this problem is addressed. You should wait until you know for sure that the warranty has expired before trying to repair it yourself. The warranty will be revoked instantly if you do this.

How to Prevent Bleeding from the Backlight

Monitors with an active backlight have an inherent issue with backlight bleeding, but this does not indicate that every model and display will be affected. The majority of incidents are both insignificant and undetectable.

Monitors with an active backlight have an inherent issue with backlight bleeding, but this does not indicate that every model and display will be affected. The majority of incidents are both insignificant and undetectable.

Backlight Bleeding is unavoidable.

When everything else fails, let's assume that neither the seller nor the aforementioned methods have been successful.

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Turning down the lights is the only option you have to reduce the amount of bleeding. It's obvious that this isn't the best option since it will decrease the visual quality, particularly if you have an HDR-capable monitor. However, if none of the other methods worked, this was the only option left.


Could it be worth it to buy an LCD display if you're aware of these issues?  Yes, in a nutshell. Only outdated CRT monitors and pricey OLED screens remain as alternatives, and none of them is an option for everyone.

It's also important to note that backlight bleeding isn't a big issue, and it's not always noticeable to everyone. In order to ensure that your new monitor is free of backlight bleeding, you should inspect it carefully after purchase. It is thus possible to replace or repair it before the guarantee has expired if there is a manufacturing issue.


Let's answer some common questions in regards to Backlight Bleeding.

Should I be concerned or not when it comes to backlight bleeding?

You may be able to go back to your display if it has an excessive amount of light bleed. There is no need to be worried if you don't observe any backlight leakage when using the display, but solely during this test.

Is the leakage from the backlight normal?

When you set your LCD panel's brightness to 100 percent, you should expect some backlight leakage.

What is the effect of backlight bleed on the image quality?

Light from the screen's borders is called backlight bleed, and it has no influence on the remainder of your display.

Is backlight bleeding an issue for OLED panels?

OLED panels are made in a unique way compared to other types of displays. Each pixel on an OLED display is lit by its own source, and there is no backlighting. As a result, these panels don't have a problem with backlighting. When viewing black or dim pictures, the individual pixels on these panels may be turned off altogether. Instead of erasing all of the pixels in LCD displays, they remain dark grey.

Is backlight bleed a problem?

There is considerable variation in backlight leakage amongst displays, even within the same model. However, backlight bleeding may be really intense at times. It may not disturb you at all if you can only see it under extremely particular conditions.

Would the leakage from the backlight go away?

As far as I am aware, certain forms of backlight bleed are self-resolving. This is mostly due to pressure-induced backlight bleed. Force on the front panel might create backlight leakage if the panel is unbalanced or if the panel is too firmly fastened to the border.

What is the difference between Backlight Bleed and Screen Bleed?

We cover this topic in detail in our what is Screen Bleeding and how to fix it article.

Is There A Way to Fix the Backlight Bleeding?

Backlight bleeding occurs when light from the panel's backlight escapes through the screen's margins. Even if it isn't a major problem, it can be lessened but not eliminated completely.

Does the Bleeding of the Backlight Get Worse Over Time?

Backlight bleed will not really extend on its own until you shift the monitor a lot, which isn't the case. If you don't move or change the display all the time, it shouldn't be an issue.